Do you need a Mentor / Consultant?

Are you making that decision to work Abroad?

Does it feel overwhelming? Are you one minute in a hype, really excited by the opportunity, and the next moment, really feeling down by the move? This feeling is perfectly normal. To loosen yourself from your comfort-zone and to try to imagine your daily life in another Country and culture, away from the people you grew up with is an intimidating feeling. A feeling that I know all too well. Most difficult is the decision to become a Freelance, Contract worker like I did back in the day in 2014. It is an exciting feeling but with it comes a great deal of responsibility, especially if you are selling your property or vehicle and you are thinking of immigrating as in living abroad in another country for the rest of your life or many years to come.

It certainly is not an easy decision to make. Especially if you are single. The first decision is the emotional decision.The Why, questions of it all. Be clear on this.Decisive, realistic and practical. Speak to people you trust and to people who really care about you when making this decision. Get support from family , caring friends and seek an experienced Mentor. A Mentor who is sincere with you and who is able to give you the advice and guidance that you need. Although your family and friends can be your support structure, a trusted Mentor is someone who knows the detail of your life abroad, at home, and is of immense personal assistance to you day and night, if you need them. Mentors who can assist you with work related and personal related decisions are most valuable. This is so because friends and family may not be as knowledgeable as the Mentor you have chosen.

My OFFER to you is to offer my services as your Mentor or Consultant. I have immense experience of working and living abroad. Email me for my services on: admin@ree-author.com

SUBSCRIPTION PLAN to follow soon.This will give you the convenience you deserve to be in communication with your Mentor or Consultant as you need.


Are you considering starting your own Business or purchasing an existing Business, like a Franchise or other? This is both an exciting and a daunting experience. One that you can never prepare fully for.There are numerous decisions to make. Including emotional, financial and the success of your Business. From choosing the Business that’s right for you, the registration and licensing of your Business, The Business Account, Business Training, Financial assistance, Funding, Cash Flow, Stock, Leases, Employers, Taxes,Accounting and Book-Keeping Services – I have the experience you need to offer you the Mentoring and much needed consultation so that you are not alone. Business is more than just the trading activity. You need someone who is there for you, every step of the way with the practical advice and guidance you need to keep your doors open and to reap profit for your hard work.

Email me: admin@ree-author.com for affordable services that will help you in your Business without making a hole in your Finances.

SUBSCRIPTION PLAN to follow soon. This will give you the convenience you deserve to communicate with your Mentor or Consultant at your convenience.