Vanish Ree

While growing up,my view of the world and its people was quite confusing. On one hand, there were people who were kind, caring ,hard-working, honest and purposeful.  On the other hand I witnessed the careless neglect, deceit, dishonesty and betrayal of people.In my adult years I became more educated and was knowledgeable about the global view of the world I lived in.  Much to my dismay, I found myself in a 50/50 world of Good versus Evil. As a published  Author and professional  Teacher, I use this opportunity to share these experiences with my readers. In My Memoirs I write from a humanistic view about the life we live and share in an ever-changing, demanding world. The Home Page and Memoirs Page will take you to my journey of traveling,working and reflecting upon the challenges of the world in which we find ourselves.Including my local and foreign life abroad.

Inspiring moments in the life of the author

Loyal friendships and patriotic veterans.

Thanksgiving dinner with colleagues and friends.

Shopping for necessities.

Weekend activity with family and friends.

Social evenings with familiar people

Experimenting with cultural dishes.

Outdoor activity.

In the United Kingdom

Taking walks and sight-seeing at night.

Time spent at the centre as English Teacher

Outdoor activity with family and friends in South Africa.

Visiting Italian friends in Italy.